Institute for Advanced Learning and Research App and Game Development July 12 and 13, 2017 Apps
Evan Mooresfield created an android app call Mars, which includes a rover and a Mars colony.
Click here to get the android app!

Astronaut and rover models were courtesy of NASA.

Jessie Vernon created an Android app called jdvernonrover.apk and includes a rover, mars colony. Drive the rover into the rocks to collect them. There is a score and a rock counter in the app!
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Kris Echols created an app for Android that includes a purple race car
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Melany Stowe created a red racing sports car for pcs.
Click here to get a zip file of her racing game!

Reeves Stowe created a racing car game for pcs as well.
Click here to get a zip file of his racing game!

Samuel Montgomery created a Mars colony simulation with an astronaut in an EVA suit.
Click here to get the pc version.
Click here to get the android version.
Jessie Vernon's rover
Reeves Stowe's racer flies over the landscape in this pc game!
Samuel Montgomery's simulation of an astronaut exploring a mars colony.

For PC apps, download the zip file and unzip it.
For android apps, download the app onto a pc and upload it to your phone using a USB cable. Use the Astro file manager app to install it on your phone.
Melany Stowe built this red racing car and track!