Our apps run on the iPhone 5 and iPad 2 and later except for Ocean Explorer 3 which requires an iPhone 6s+ or later.

Science Island 5: This is an update to our popular Science Island, and allows you to test your knowledge of meteorology, physics, and geology. We have improved the graphics of the island, and added avatars. FREE!

Geology Island 4: This app is a sequel to our popular Geology Island 2. It features new graphics, avatars and content. Explore the inside of the volcano and test your knowledge of geology. Only $0.99.

Ocean Explorer 3: This app is a sequel to Ocean Explorer. You are now a diver exploring the oceans to find out about threats to the seas. All new graphics and content. Only $0.99.

3D Weather Adventure: You control the weather by changing the temperature, air pressure, dew point, and other weather factors, and create snow, rain, wind, and even a tornado! This is an inquiry based activity and gives you feedback if you make a mistake.  Only $0.99

Mars Colony 2: Explore a futuristic colony on the surface of Mars. Test your knowledge of the red planet, terraform the atmosphere, and conduct a field trip on the surface. Only $0.99

3D Fossil: Prepared with fossils from the Virginia Museum of Natural History, you explore an area based on one of the richest fossil areas in Virginia. Find out what fossils are there and solve a puzzle at the end. You can choose your avatar, and there are maps to help you find the fossils. Now FREE!

SALE! Download 3D Science 3, and get Geology Island 4, Ocean Explorer 3, 3D Weather Adventure, and Mars Colony 2 for 25% off of the price if you purchased them individually. Only $2.99!
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