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3D Forest Explorer

ForestExplorer3D Forest Explorer is a fun interactive magical adventure in reading. When you start the app the player is asked to actually become a character in the story. They are given the choice to play as Panni, a young girl, or Pauly, a young boy. Panni or Pauly are lost in the forest and must get out before it gets too cold and too dark. They are guided in their journey by a magician called the Mage. Unlike previous interactive book apps, this app is entirely in 3D and includes playful animations and sound effects. The app includes a fun musical score produced exclusively for this app. There are also surprises in the forest for the player to discover. Players are asked to solve puzzles in the app, and they can do that in several ways. At the very end, the player is asked questions to test their comprehension of what they learned in the app.appleDownloadButton