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2014 Congressional App STEM competition

In July 2014, students at Franklin County High School in Southwest Virginia, won the first Congressional App STEM contest for the 5th district under Congressman Hurt with their app called Lunar Explorer.


Click here to view the You Tube video of their App

If you want to try Lunar Explorer on a pc or mac, you can play it in a web browser without downloading the Lunar Explorer App. Firefox and Safari seem to work the best. If you have trouble using Lunar Explorer in a the browser, you may need to install the Unity webplayer first.

Click here to play Lunar Explorer in a web browser    Download the Unity webplayer here.

Lunar Explorer can also be used on Android cell phones and tablets. You may need another app such as the Astro file manager, to get Lunar Explorer to run on your Android device.  At this time, there is no version of Lunar Explorer for IOS devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

Click here to download the Android version of Lunar Explorer